Caleb Cheavens | M.Ed., CIT

Individual Counseling and Therapy | Columbia, Mo

My name is Caleb Cheavens. I’m a counselor with the Counseling Hub and a counselor-in-training in the state of Missouri.

You might be a good fit for me if you...

  • find no joy in work or school because you are burnt out, tired, or bored

  • often think about how things used to be better for you and wonder “what happened?”

  • worry that your education or work training have pigeonholed you in an undesirable position

  • are struggling to imagine a future image of yourself as a happy, whole person

  • sometimes find you are angry, but you are not sure why

  • are stuck trying to decide whether to take a big risk in your life

  • are seeking deeper connections in your close relationships and don’t know how to achieve it

  • have a new or ongoing conflict with a family member that you can’t resolve

  • want to have constructive conversations with your partner or spouse about something you disagree about and lack the tools

  • are afraid to ask for what you want at home because you don’t want to rock the boat

preferred pronouns: he/him/his

preferred pronouns: he/him/his

The above are common reasons people come into counseling. These are the reasons people seek help. More often than not, folks still feel some sort of shame in reaching out. One of the reasons Tara founded The Counseling Hub was to diminish that sense of shame, to normalize the fact that all people struggle in some way during their lives, and to empower people to grow and heal in their own unique way.

The Counseling Hub is all about connecting, healing, and growing. 

As a counselor, I strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment where clients are heard and seen in a way that facilitates personal growth. My intention with every encounter is to be curious and illuminate what is unknown so that clients gain new opportunities for self-awareness.

None of us is perfect, and in some ways counseling is a celebration of how we live imperfectly in an imperfect world full of catastrophe and bliss in a mixed bag that never waits for us to prepare for our next challenge or our next reprieve. I see counseling as a way that you, as the client, have the power create space in your life. It is a space that is just far enough away from the pressures of daily life, that it allows you to take new breath that you may carry with you as you leave. I seek to help clients create this space so that they may move past challenges by experimenting with new ways of being.

Five Fun Facts About Caleb

  1. I like to watch YouTube videos of people making things with their hands.
    Making things like food, furniture, and sprockets. I know I’m not alone because I see all those subscribers on Acorn to Arabella, This Old Tony, and Bon Appéttit! I like to make stuff with my hands, too, but I’ve been really surprised at how relaxing it is to just watch someone else struggle through all the trial and error while I learn from their mistakes.

  2. I like to swim.

    I’m so grateful to have been on swim team when I was young so that now I can swim for fun. Swimming underwater in a diving well is the closest thing I’ve ever felt to flying. My dream vacation would be snorkeling somewhere with clear water no deeper than 40 feet because I get scared when it gets too deep.

  3. I’ve had over 50 jobs! I’ve worked in construction, delivered pizzas (and flowers), and I’m a registered nurse.
    My interest in career counseling is partly fueled by the complex path that my life has taken to get where I am. I look back on all these jobs, and one thing that continues to amaze me is to remember how, at various times in my life, each of these jobs offered me a solution to a problem. Over time each of these solutions exposed new problems, and so on and so forth. Who knew I was learning so much while I was washing dishes at Ernie’s Diner?

  4. I like cats and sea otters, but I keep neither at home.
    I guess I’m one of those people who likes the idea of a pet more than actually having a pet. Luckily most people I know have pets, so I get plenty of time to appreciate animals without having the responsibility of cleaning up after them and making sure they’re getting enough play time (currently I’m focusing on doing both of those things for myself).

  5. I didn’t know how to recite the months of the calendar until I was 12 years old.
    I was super surprised when the teacher told me I was supposed to have learned it by that time. I don’t remember the months being on a test, do you? I guess I was just caught off guard by the fact that simply because this information was made available to me, I was supposed to identify it as important and then memorize it. I wonder what else I am supposed to be memorizing right now.

Caleb's Education and Training

Caleb graduated from University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL) earning a Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in 2019. His master’s program included extensive cultural diversity training including working with social class and poverty issues, gender and sexual minorities, and African-American clients. His graduate internship included extensive group and individual career counseling of pre-service teachers.

During his graduate training, Caleb authored several papers on topics related to workplace-related stress specific to healthcare professionals. In recognition of his academic excellence, respect for diversity, and commitment to the counseling profession, Caleb was selected as a 2019 Outstanding Clinical Mental Health Counseling Student Award recipient by the UMSL Department of Education Sciences and Professional Programs.

In 2009, Caleb Graduated from University of Missouri, Sinclair School of Nursing, with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). He practiced as a Registered Nurse in the State of Missouri from 2009-2019 in the roles of Emergency Nursing, Clinical Trials Coordinator, Med-Surg Nursing, and Inpatient Psychiatric Nursing.

Caleb is currently a counselor-in-training in the state of Missouri. Caleb is under ongoing supervision provided by Tara Vossenkemper (2012026531), owner of and counselor with The Counseling Hub, LLC. 

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