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The Dance of Anger

This is one of my all-time favorite books for teaching people how to set boundaries. We all have 'those people' in our lives - the ones who ask, who push us, who put themselves in business where they don't belong, and who rarely (if ever) reflect on their own behavior. The problem is that we, the people who want the behavior to stop, try to change the other person by asking them to change. This does not work. What does work, however, is learning to set a boundary for yourself. And Harriet Lerner does such a beautiful job of clearly and simply laying out how to set boundaries for 'those people' in our lives.

Recommended for: Folks who want to learn to say no.
Ease of Read: Simple, very easy, and highly effective.
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How to Raise Your Self-Esteem

I can see you now - stop poo-pooing at the title of the book! Yes, self-esteem is one of those buzzwords nowadays, but Nathaniel Branden likely didn't intend for the concept of self-esteem to turn into what it has. This is a book that you put into practice right away. It contains a host of exercises, sentence stems to complete, and guided self-reflection. It's a magical journey when you can feel as confident and clear on the inside as you come across on the outside (or vice versa, where your outside can finally match your inside)! 

Recommended for: Anybody, really.
Ease of Read: The content can be dense at times.
How to Buy: Click the image to the right to purchase.

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