Kelsey Pegg | MA, CIT

Individual Counseling and Therapy | Columbia, Mo

My name is Kelsey Pegg. I’m a counselor with the Counseling Hub and a counselor-in-training in the state of Missouri.

You might be a good fit for me if you...

  • want to explore your gender or sexual identity in a supportive environment and during the process

  • are interested in taking steps towards transitioning to feel more comfortable in your gender identity, but don’t know how or where to start

  • struggle with body positivity, self-image, or self-hatred, and want to feel more comfortable with and loving toward yourself

  • experience frequent feelings of guilt and shame and want to be free from their burden

  • feel helpless, worthless, and unable to enjoy activities that you once did

  • experience excessive worry or fear that is impacting you mentally and physically

  • have a general sense of constantly being overwhelmed, even by the “little” stuff in life, and want to feel carefree

  • don’t feel like “you” and are looking to begin the journey of reconnecting with yourself, but feel unsure of what the problem is and how to begin resolving it

preferred pronouns: they/them/theirs

preferred pronouns: they/them/theirs

The above are common reasons people come into counseling. These are the reasons people seek help. More often than not, folks still feel some sort of shame in reaching out. One of the reasons Tara founded The Counseling Hub was to diminish that sense of shame, to normalize the fact that all people struggle in some way during their lives, and to empower people to grow and heal in their own unique way.

The Counseling Hub is all about connecting, healing, and growing. 

My most important role as a clinician is to create a safe space in which you can be both heard and seen, as you are, in each moment. The trust clients place in me is a significant part of the therapeutic process and, as a clinician, I understand it may take time to develop. My goal is to show unconditional validation for each client while simultaneously helping that same client move towards growth. We all have the capacity for resiliency and it is my privilege to empower clients throughout that process of finding their own. Counseling is collaborative and conversational; therefore, my intention is to always work together with my clients to create desired change.

Five Fun Facts About Kelsey

  1. My passion for working with LGBTQ is personal.
    Although I value working with all individuals, no matter their experience or how they identify, I have a specific interest in working with the LGBTQ community because I identify within the community. I understand the difficult processes that many LGBTQ encounter such as coming out, navigating relationships friends/family, transitioning and wanting to find your place in the world. I want to validate and empower all LGBTQ individuals through their journey!

  2. I love bringing humor into session.

    Believe it or not, humor is an important part of the therapeutic process! At times, therapy can be overwhelming and there needs to be relief from intense thoughts and emotions. I enjoy bringing in humor to my sessions (when appropriate) with clients because laughing is a powerful coping skill!Big time. There is no amount of words that can adequately describe the brilliance and simplicity of nature. Much like life, it's not always fair or easy, but it's beyond amazing how creatures and plants (big and small) find ways to survive and thrive in this world. I think this goes without say, but I don't know all there is to know about nature or animals and never will. However, I will probably use some metaphors and analogies of animals and nature in counseling. It's become part of who I am. Plus, given the amount of brilliance in nature, it's hard not to incorporate it into therapeutic work.

  3. Creativity is a must.
    Being creative is not just a hobby of mine (cross-stitching, sewing, hand-lettering and graphic design). Being creative is an incredibly effective coping skill and it is so beneficial to use creativity in session! Anything from art therapy to thinking outside the box to help facilitate change. Also, I’ve found art therapy is a great go-to technique when words are hard.

  4. I value genuineness.
    Personally and professionally, staying true to myself is most important to me. Sometimes, therapy can feel awkward at first: meeting someone new, beginning to trust the clinician and sharing your story with them. It can feel very clinical and “stuffy”. However, I try to bring as much as my real-self into the room as I can to make lessen these feelings and create more of a conversation in order for the client to feel comfortable.

  5. I collect a lot of things.
    I don’t know where my enthusiasm for collecting things started or where it came from, but now, everywhere I need to collect a souvenir. I like to collect anything from pins to t-shirts to postcards of all of the places that I’ve visited. I like these collections because it allows me to look back on where I’ve been and also look forward to the future to all of the possibilities.

Kelsey's Education and Training

Kelsey completed their undergraduate degree at Webster University, where they earned their Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor Spanish. They have completed the Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Program from Webster University. They are an active member of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and Chi Sigma Iota, the honor’s society for the ACA. While in the Master’s program, Kelsey worked as a counseling intern at St. Charles Community College (SCC) and Lindenwood University, where they provided mental health services to college-aged students with issues such as: depression, anxiety, self-esteem, general stress, transitioning into college, and LGBTQ concerns. While at SCC, Kelsey facilitated a gender-expansive support group and gave presentations to classrooms in order for students to learn about the counseling services.

Additionally, Kelsey has given presentations and lectures around LGBTQ issues and special considerations with considerations in working with this population in a therapeutic setting. Kelsey is a published author with their research on gender-expansive individuals and their experienced with study abroad.

Kelsey is currently a Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Missouri. Kelsey is under ongoing supervision provided by Tara Vossenkemper (2012026531), founder and owner with The Counseling Hub, LLC. 

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