Lauren Williams | MA, PLPC

Individual Counseling and Therapy | Columbia, Mo

My name is Lauren Williams. I’m a counselor with the Counseling Hub and a practicing counselor in the state of Missouri.

You might be a good fit for me if you…

  • don’t enjoy the things you used to like spending time with friends, engaging in a hobby, or maintaining your routines

  • are having thoughts of self-harm, like cutting or burning yourself

  • have been told you’re too hard on yourself and you want to learn how to talk nicely to yourself

  • feel overwhelmed with starting to enjoy life again

  • are worried about thoughts of not wanting to be here anymore

  • can’t seem to stay focused on tasks and would like to get more organized

  • feel frozen when in situations you can’t control

  • feel adrift in the world and question your existence, whether it’s real or whether you’re really “here”

  • are consumed by grief

  • currently struggle with an addiction

  • don’t find meaning in your work or life, but don’t know where to start pursuing elsewhere

preferred pronouns: she/her/hers

preferred pronouns: she/her/hers

The above are common reasons people come into counseling. These are the reasons people seek help. More often than not, folks still feel some sort of shame in reaching out. One of the reasons Tara founded The Counseling Hub was to diminish that sense of shame, to normalize the fact that all people struggle in some way during their lives, and to empower people to grow and heal in their own unique way.

The Counseling Hub is all about connecting, healing, and growing. 

My role as a therapist is to help you find your strengths and focus on a positive mindset to help you achieve your goals. You’re the expert on your life; I’m just here to help you talk through it and I find that through positivity and humor, life seems a bit more manageable. In order to do so, one of my main goals is to make sure that you feel safe and comfortable in sessions. It’s hard enough talking to a stranger, the least I can do is help you feel heard and respected. And while there are no right answers, I can and will provide you with a professional, un-biased, and non-judgmental outlet for you to sort through what’s going on.

Five Fun Facts About Lauren

  1. I’m a nerd at heart.
    My weekends are spent playing Dungeons and Dragons with my friends and fiancé and watching D&D campaigns on YouTube. I think that there’s something amazing in being able to create a character and make decisions on how they would think and act in various settings; not to mention it’s a lot of fun! I also love all things outer-space related; binge-watching documentaries is a common activity of mine and I’ll gladly talk about how cool the universe is.

  2. I’m a former theater kid.
    I actually earned an Associate’s degree in Theater Performance! This has definitely impacted my life and helped with all sorts attributes like gaining comfort in public speaking, sewing, building stages and set pieces, appreciating the arts, and also being able to recite random lines from major plays and musicals (you’re welcome). This also means that I have made a major life change while in school and can relate to the massive fear that comes along with that.

  3. I’m from Texas.
    Born and raised! This means that I love talking about everything from Texas - barbeque, bluebonnets, the heat, Wataburger, Blue Bell ice cream, the Alamo (who could forget?), iced tea, and all things southern. All my family is back home and despite the 10 hour drive, I try to visit often!

  4. I love to travel.
    There’s something about getting out of your comfort zone and into the world that makes you think about life. I was able to travel at a young age and can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Next trip is getting married in New Zealand next year - bring on the adventure!

  5. Counseling clicked for me.
    I’ve always been a dreamer and had numerous interests in life, but I found the chaos of my decisions to be overwhelming. When I first learned about therapy (as a client myself), it immediately seemed like all my interests fit into one space and I was able to feel in total alignment. This is what I try to create in sessions; a sense of ease and comfort in the midst of a messy life that can lead you in all different directions. My goal is to try and use those interests and passions to help create a space for my clients that feels accepting and comfortable when talking through all of the messy parts of life.

Laurent’s Education and Training

Lauren earned her Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas. She is currently a Provisional Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Missouri under the ongoing supervision of Dr. Kasi Lacey (license number: 2011028442) and has experience in substance abuse, college and career counseling, and as a professor. Lauren enjoys working with both adolescents and adults who are struggling with self-esteem, depression, and feelings of hopelessness. During her undergraduate career, Lauren was involved with several research projects focused on ADHD and its role in attention, a clinicial area she is also interested in.