My name is Machaela Rausch, and I'm the Client Liaison with
The Counseling Hub.

  Machaela Rausch, BA Client Liaison

Machaela Rausch, BA
Client Liaison

You should contact me if you...

  • want to schedule a session with Tim, Molly, or Tara.
  • need to cancel and reschedule an existing session (remember - we need 24 hours notice)
  • have questions about counseling with The Counseling Hub (i.e. expectations, anxieties)
  • want to know about Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • are curious if we work with (insert your specific issue here)
  • have questions about the on-boarding process for new clients
  • need a superbill or have a question about rates or payment

The Counseling Hub is all about connecting, growing, and healing.

Coming into counseling can be difficult enough. It's my privilege to ease that transition and make sure you feel welcomed, supported, safe, and informed as your start this process.

Five Fun Facts About Machaela

1. I'm very passionate about people and human connections.
I have a very caring soul. I'm known to be an independent person, but I value relationships and the impact I can have on others (and that others have on me!). My work experiences have always involved human connections. If we were meant to be alone with no family, friends, or partners, then why would we have so many people in the word? Why would we all be so different? The idea of how one person can complement another person’s personality intrigues me. I believe this is partially due to the fact I grew up as a military child. Every time we moved, which was about every two years, I would get to make new friends. I learned to value the uniqueness of people. Every individual brings something different to the world, and I enjoy getting to know them and what that “something” might be.

2. I'm known as “Mom” but I have no children (unless we count dogs).
My main group of friends call me “Mom.” I have a very nurturing personality, which probably developed from having younger siblings. I want to make sure everyone feels included and I try my best to make sure everyone has whatever they need. I plan holiday parties and gift exchanges. I like to make sure people feel heard and know they are important.

3. I love learning.
Learning is continuous for me. I love reading. I love learning about people and random facts that they have. I love conversations that bring knowledge. I've recently become interested in Ted Talks while doing cardio. If there is a way to know more about something, I want to. I also realize that there are so many parts of the world that I know nothing about.  I hope one day to have the opportunity to travel to other countries so that I can learn through first-hand experience. Currently, I appreciate the world around me and enjoy learning more about local places.

4. I believe physical and mental health correlate.
I believe in eating healthy and fueling my body for success. On the flip side, I am not afraid to down a box of Thin Mints (which I keep stocked around the clock). It's all about balance and what works for you. I believe sleep is so vital to healthy living. When I don't sleep enough (or too much), I feel miserable the next day. If I don't take care of my body, I'm only limiting myself and my own potential.

5. I adore shopping and decorating.
I probably could say this fact about six more times. I love shopping for clothes, food, gifts for others, decorations for my house, my dogs, and pretty much anything else. I find style and fashion trends really interesting. I love decorating. Pinterest is my favorite.  I probably would redecorate my house several times a year if I could afford it. Shopping can become unhealthy and excessive, especially on a college budget, so finding good deals makes it exciting for me.  

If you're ready to move forward with scheduling with The Counseling Hub, then reach out today. I'm more than happy to help you decide if this is right for you. 

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