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The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

If you know anything about the work we do, then you know that Tara (our relationship therapist) loves John and Julie Gottman, pioneers of relationship therapy and gurus in the field. They not only have simple, effective, and easy to implement tools for couples, but all of the work they do is grounded in decades (decades) of research with thousands of couples! I promise you won't be disappointed. Click the link to the right to snag your own copy. The Gottmans' work is stellar.

Recommended for: Couples not in crisis.
Ease of Read: Simple concepts shared in a user-friendly language.
How to Buy: Click the image on the right.

The Five Love Languages 

Okay, this isn't the Gottmans, but Gary Chapman really knows how to make a good point. And, something I especially love about his book, is that it overlaps with some of the Gottmans' work. It's nowhere near as thorough and I wouldn't recommend this to couples in crises. However, I would recommend it to people who are looking to enhance their already stable relationship. It's a fun way to learn your partner's 'language,' so to speak, and it's a fun way to get to know your own. 

Recommended for: Couples not in crisis, as a fun way to learn about yourself and your partner.
Ease of Read: Very easy to read. 
How to Buy: Click the image on the right. 

Why Marriages Succeed or Fail and How You Can Make Yours Last

This is yet another Gottman gem, based on decades of data collection with couples. He clearly lays out differences between the "masters" and "disasters" of relationships, and includes ways to enhance your own. Most importantly, he spends a lot of time writing and talking about conflict and what happens during conflict to predict relationship dissolution and/or divorce (or unhappy relationships). If you're wanting to know how to keep your conflict going, then this is a stellar book for you.

Recommended for: Couples struggling with fighting and conflict.
Ease of Read: Easy to read and understand.
How to Buy: Click the image on the right.

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love

Sue Johnson is another masterful couples therapist. Her style is absolutely complementary to the Gottman's approach, and both of their approaches are highly effective. The seven conversations to have include: recognizing demon dialogues, finding raw spots, revisiting rocky moments, hold me tight (this is the core of the approach), forgiving injuries, bonding through sex and touch, and keeping your love alive. Each conversation builds off the other and creates a rich experience with your partner. 

Recommended for: Couples who want to heal or bond.
Ease of Read: Highly user friendly. Simplifies research and complex concepts.
How to Buy: Click the image on the right.

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