Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling | Columbia, Mo

What's it really take for relationships to work?

Sure, you've got your best friend saying something in one ear, your mom saying something in another, and your partner talking directly to you, but all of that is useless when it's not backed by years of research on thousands of couples. We know what it takes to have an incredible marriage, and we're ready to share that information with you in a simple, straightforward, laid-back manner.

So grab a chair, some pizza, a beer, and your partner (unless you're flying solo, which is also totally cool), and come hang out for an hour and a half! Q&A at the end - who am I kidding, q&a throughout, but also definitely at the end. :)

Seating is limited and tickets are cheaper when you buy two, so get on it ($35/person or $50/couple)! And if your partner can't make it, bring that best friend of yours. The more this information gets out, the better.

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