The Counseling Hub provides exceptional outpatient individual counseling and couples therapy or marriage counseling for adult individuals and those in relationships in Columbia, Mo.

Our goal is to increase meaning and calm in our clients's lives through fostering intimate connections with others, including partners, friends, and family.

If you've experienced the pangs of disconnection and misunderstanding, then you understand why we place such an emphasis on meaningful connection.

If you've felt isolated, alone, and wary of others because of being hurt in the past, then you understand why we focus on creating healing relationships and finding meaning from hard times.

If you've felt bullied and challenged by others and don't know how to speak up for yourself, then you understand why we specialize in your relationship with yourself (through confidence and boundaries, healing from anxiety, and growing self-esteem). 

In a nutshell, you're here because you don't feel good. Something is off. 

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We get it.

We want you to feel better, too.

Here's how you know if you're in the right place with The Counseling Hub.

  • you're ready to make a change, but you haven't been able to figure out how or why

  • you want good relationships with others, but keep somehow missing the boat

  • you desperately want to "get it," but just can't seem to figure "it" out

  • you crave connection, but can't find it in sustainable ways

  • you want to feel confident that your next relationship (or current one) is solid

  • you want more social support, friends, and a richer life with people

This list is not exhaustive.

The Counseling Hub is all about meaningful connection. Whether this connection is focused on your relationship (through couples therapy or marriage counseling) or focused on yourself (through individual counseling), our goal in life is for you to experience a healing, fulfilling, and meaningful relationship with yourself and with others.

Our Team | Meet The Counseling Hub

Individual Counselors & Therapists, Couples Therapists, & Marriage Counselors | Columbia, Mo


Kelsey Pegg

I’m a good fit if you want to explore your gender or sexual identity, want support in the process of transitioning into your gender identity, or are currently struggling with body positivity, and need more self-love.

Caleb Cheavens

I’m a good fit if you want to increase joy in your life, are struggling with burnout as a result of too much care-taking, or are wanting to learn how to have constructive conversations with your partner.


Shamon Williams
Counseling Intern

I’m a good fit for you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help working through anxieties, are ready to build self-confidence and self-esteem, or want some space to explore your purpose and goals free from judgment.

Machaela Rausch
Intern & Client Liaison

I'm a good fit if you want to heal a difficult relationship with food, want to increase body image, want healthy habits for more self-love. I’m also your point of contact if you’re a new client or have questions about counseling!


Tim Fitzpatrick

I'm a good fit if you feel taken advantage of often, struggle to adjust to changes in life, deal with anxiety, frequently question and doubt yourself, want to feel confident and assertive, or feel lonely and isolated. 

Emily Lind
Counseling Intern

I’m a good fit of you if you’re trying to make sense of your place in the world, want to learn coping skills for anxiety, find yourself way overthinking, or are wanting to establish healthy relationships with important people in your life.


Molly Lyons

I'm a good fit if you want to explore your sexual identity or gender identity, are engaged and want to do premarital work, are struggling with the coming out process, or are struggling with depression

Tara Vossenkemper
Owner & Counselor

I'm a good fit if you're questioning your relationship, tired of fighting with your partner, feeling adrift and untethered in life, and deeply want back that connection with your partner that you’ve lost.

Counseling Services We Offer

Individual Counseling or Therapy, Couples Therapy, & Marriage Counseling | Columbia, Mo

We specialize in both individual counseling and couples counseling. You can find more details below or see our counseling services page!


Individual Counseling and Therapy

We offer counseling for a variety of individual issues, including (but not limited to):


Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling, and Relationship Counseling

We consider couples therapy, marriage counseling, and relationship counseling a specialty of the practice, and work with issues including (but not limited to):

Here are more counseling services we offer - please take a look and email us if you have any questions about our general approach to counseling (like what you can expect), our team, or the process!

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If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please reach out and let us know! We’re more than happy to answer any questions you might have and want to be sure you get what you need (to the extent possible)! Feel free to submit questions through the contact form or email us directly. Thank you!

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