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How long does therapy last?

How long does therapy last?

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This is an "it depends" type question, so there's a couple of key things to note.

  1. Until you're satisfied with the outcome! That's the simple answer, though. Keep reading for more variables. :)
  2. The duration of therapy is going to vary based on personal variables. If you're proactive about mental health, have a tendency or ability to self-reflect (without it being taught), and just need some space for a thing or two that feels too cluttered in your mind, then therapy might not last that long. I'd say about eight sessions (I'm being lenient here).
  3. If you're uncomfortable with feelings/emotions (specifically, you're own), don't really know how to self-reflect, tend to shut off what we talk about in therapy outside of the therapy session, and are feeling overwhelmed by multiple aspects of your life, then chances are that therapy will take longer than eight sessions.
  4. The length of therapy doesn't mean anything about you as a person and absolutely is not reflective of a person's level or ability to function in life. It's really just about our tendencies as people, what we excel at, what we need some help with, and what we need to let go of. I realize that sounds so abstract and 'out there' when I type it, but it's hard to wrap this up in a neat little package with a pretty little bow. 
  5. Our goal is not to keep you in therapy forever. As counselors/therapists, our goal is to help you be able to deal with the problem you want to deal with (i.e. the thing that brought you into therapy) without needing us on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. That's not to say that going to therapy throughout your life is a bad thing. On the contrary - it can be an extraordinary place to grow. That is to say that it's more fitting to do some work, take a break, do a little more work, take another break, and so on and so forth. We want you to thrive without us, even if we're happy to see you. 

If you're wanting a more detailed guesstimate on the duration of counseling and/or you're interested in setting something up, contact The Counseling Hub and Tara will get back to you within 24 hours.

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