Our Core Values

Individual Counseling and Couples Therapy | Columbia, Mo

The Counseling Hub may offer individual counseling and couples therapy (or marriage counseling), but we’re also a practice that prides ourselves on a few key values. These are absolutely central to what we stand for as a practice, which makes them worth mentioning.


Obviously, this is about being in alignment with our core values and the way we come across. This also includes being honest with oneself and with others about whether or not we’re doing what we set out to do. If we can’t offer the best service, for example, then we refer out. If we don’t do the work that people are requesting, then we refer out. If we truly believe that we’re the best fit for a client, then we get the ball rolling for the client to start counseling services with us

Ongoing Learning and Development

We believe in continual learning, punctuated by breaks for synthesizing and integrating new information. Learning can take the form of books, webinars, trainings, personal therapy, writing, or anything else. We believe in consistently growing and developing as people and clinicians in order to do the best work we can.

Relationships and Community

We believe in connection with others. Relationships are central to living a meaningful, fulfilling life, and we hold healthy relationships in very high regard. We also see the value in healthy professional relationships and believe that, as therapists, being connected with others in our counseling community pushes us to grow and reflect on our own work more intentionally, thus making us better clinicians for our clients.


We believe that life is both inherently tragic and funny, and that it’s important to embrace both aspects of this. We spend a lot of time taking ourselves and our work seriously; we also value taking time to laugh at ourselves and with others.


It’s no use being good at your craft if you see yourself as better than others (or as significantly worse than others). We strive to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground, but not to the extent that we don’t value our clinical experience and judgment. Humility is the ongoing balance between arrogance and self-criticism; we don’t take the balance lightly.


Hard work, period. There’s no value that can replace working hard. We work hard for our own growth, for the growth of the practice (to serve more people), and for the growth of our clients. We take our craft seriously (but see “humor” above).


Working hard doesn’t automatically equal working smart, and we believe in both. While we highly value conscientiousness, we also highly value working smarter and being efficient in our processes. There’s no sense in working hard if it’s not getting you anywhere. We want to do everything we can in the most streamlined way possible (without losing that personal touch), so that we can spend more time on our development (as people and clinicians) and more time with clients.

You might also be wondering what to look for in a counselor, are curious about our general approach, or maybe you're ready to contact us. Regardless, we'll make sure you get what you need. 

And if you want to know whether we're a good fit, meet our team to get a feel for who we are, or email us directly with any questions you might have.

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