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What is counseling?

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Counseling is really simple and, yet, still highly stigmatized. Counseling is where people can come to sort out their life's problems without fear of judgment, criticism, contempt, or mockery. It's a place where people feel safe diving into the deepest, scariest, most enlightening parts of themselves. It's a place where healing and growth occur just as seamlessly as laughter and tears. 

In a more concrete way, counseling is where there are open discussions about the problems plaguing you, the client. Clients share their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with counselors and, in doing so, start to see patterns and themes in their own life (with input from the counselor, of course). Counseling is a collaborative relationship. It's not one where the counselor sits back, strokes their beard and says, "I see..." Rather, it's one where counselor and client are working together to help get the client to their clearly established goals.

Last thing - it's really scary for some folks to start counseling. That's okay. It can be scary and still be helpful. This is what we mean by changing the world one blog post, client, and program at a time. Opening up and talking with somebody about your own life can be one of the hardest things you'll ever do. One of the most rewarding, also (hopefully), and still one of the hardest. Remember this. There's strength and courage in doing hard things. There's healing in doing hard things. It's not a sign of weakness to seek help. It's a sign of so much strength

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