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Who gets counseling?

Who gets counseling at The Counseling Hub?

Everybody. Seriously, any type of person could walk in the door to seek out counseling. That's the beauty in counseling - it's not for any one type of demographic. It is for is people who are willing and wanting to grow within their life, in some way. That growth, though - there's nothing cookie cutter about it. One person might come in to work on building closer relationships, whereas another might come in to work on boundaries with people, whereas somebody else might come in for transitioning careers. The thing that remains the same is that is no 'one type' of person who gets counseling.

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To make it a little more tangible, some of the issues that we frequently work with here at The Counseling Hub include:

Why should I get counseling, though?

Well, that's not really a question we can answer for you. As much as we love being therapists and being on another therapist's couch as a client, we don't know what it is you're looking for, what you want out of the experience, or what you're thinking about coming in for. What we can say is that you can:
a) call to chat with us, to figure out if counseling is for you or not, and
b) talk with your counselor/therapist in the first session and let them know your reservations, fears, or hesitancies related to counseling. 

Okay, but really, why counseling?

No, really, we don't know why you might be seeking out services. We're more than happy to help you find what you're looking for. As the old adage says, we can lead a horse to water, but we can't make it drink. What we mean is that we can give you all the reasons for coming to counseling, walk you right up to the door (metaphorically, of course), help you inside and to get comfortable, but we can't make you talk, grow, or open up. We can do everything on our end, but it's equally up to you to show up (in more ways than one). If you're ready to grow or heal in your own life, then maybe it's time that you sought out some help to get you there. Reach out and we'll be there.

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