Stress-Busting Tips for a Holiday Host (Guest Blog)

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Planning a party is, for the most part, a blast. There’s a certain thrill you get when picking out special decorations, food, and activities for your friends and loved ones’ enjoyment. However, the stress of the holidays can take all the fun out of hosting an event. It can feel like there are too many things to do, without enough time to do any of them. If you want to reclaim the joy of hosting a party while tackling the responsibilities that come with the holidays, try these stress-busting tips (and find additional tips here).


Plan a Diverse Menu - á la Carte!


Nowadays everybody has a dietary preference, making a traditional sit-down dinner party that much more difficult to plan. Instead, allow your guests to choose what they shall eat with an á la carte selection or well-labeled buffet. This way, you can provide a variety of dishes that fit everyone’s needs without leaving someone to feel excluded. To be inclusive, you will want to provide at least two options each that are...


-        Vegan

-        Dairy-free

-        Nut-free

-        Wheat or Gluten-free

-        Low-calorie

-        Paleo or low-carb


Pinterest is an amazing resource for recipe ideas. Your search results are accompanies by eye-catching, colorful graphics and the recipes often fit multiple dietary restrictions. For instance, searching for “low calorie appetizers” comes up with various results that are also gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free.


Shop Online


If you feel crunched for time this holiday season, there’s no better way to gain some back than simply shopping online. You can buy gifts for everyone on your list from the comfort of your own home. Some sites will even deliver the goods all wrapped up nice for you! When you shop on the web, you can find exactly what you want, often at the best price.


But it’s not just gifts you can buy to save yourself some time. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever to buy your groceries online. Stores including Target, Costco, and WalMart all have online stores that allow same day pickup. Grocery delivery services like InstaCart and Shipt bring your food and things right to your door. Your favorite local grocery store may have delivery of their own-- ask the next time you are in store or do a quick Google search to see.


Take Time for You


Your health and well being should be your top priorities. Unfortunately, if you let stress have its way, you could be feeling some serious consequences. Stress and anxiety manifest physically as pain, fatigue, loss in libido, irritability, restlessness, depression, and insomnia. You definitely don’t want to feel any of those ways with hosting duties coming up this holiday season.


To combat stress and the negative symptoms that come with it, take time out every day to care for yourself. Exercise can be crucial for your well being. It helps balance hormones like cortisol while promoting feel-good neurotransmitters like endorphins. It helps regulate our sleep and eating patterns while also improving the immune system.


Another way to care for yourself is to eat properly. Good nutrition helps keep your blood sugar levels even, so you don’t suffer from crashes and mood swings. Eating right ensures you have plenty of energy to get through the hectic holidays. It also helps keep your brain sharp so you stay on top of your responsibilities.




The holidays can be stressful, but there’s no need to let that get in the way of your enjoyment. Simplify your party-planning by crafting an inclusive menu where guests and pick and choose the dishes that are right for them. Shop online to save time. Nowadays you can find everything from gifts to groceries at the click of your mouse. Finally, be sure to take time for your health. Exercising and eating right will keep you feeling fit and fine well through the New Year.