satisfaction with life

Embrace The Boredom of Life

I'm just going to come out and say it. Life can be boring, mundane, and monotonous.  There. It's out in the open. Can't take it back.

It seems that so many people strive for this "perfect" life, but don't realize that striving for something that doesn't exist without embracing this basic sort of fact (that's clearly a personal bias) that life can be boring at times leads to feeling dissatisfied and unhappy. It's not that I don't want people to strive for better or more or more content or happier, but I want people to be realistic about their strivings.

Why Anxiety is Rewarding

Why Anxiety is Rewarding

This is going to sound like the most confusing thing ever, but just hear me out.

Anxiety is rewarding. 

There, I said it.

It's rewarding. 

Please don't misunderstand, though. Anxiety is rewarding does not equal it's healthy to get lost in 'what if' thoughts that consume your life. It also does not equal don't give your brain time off because it likes to be worked 24/7/365.