Signs You Could Benefit from Counseling

if you’ve been thinking about individual counseling or marriage counseling, but aren’t really sure if you need it, then this is the post for you. And I’m in the mood for short and sweet, so here we go!

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  1.  You've been thinking about counseling on and off for longer than six months. I say this with love and affection, but do it already!! Sometimes, we can figure life out on our own (enough that we don’t feel completely off), but sometimes we need to sit and talk with an objective  listener. If you’ve been grappling with something and thinking about counseling for longer than six months, it’s probably time to get in the door. 
  2. You've tried to “fix” the problem every way you know how and it’s not working . This ties in with the objective listener piece. You've talked to friends, your pastor, your family, strangers, Reddit feeds, and everybody else you can think of. You still can't seem to figure out how to process through/work through/"fix" the problem you're having.
  3. You keep distracting yourself from feeling unhappy. After you've spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out what's wrong and how to fix it, you've decided to stay, "screw it" and have just started spending time trying to avoid thinking about it. It's worked for a little while, but isn't a long-term solution.

And there you have it, folks. There are just a handful of reasons that it might be time to get off your couch at home and on the couch in our comfy office! Start the process by contacting us here!

As a little fun factoid, it's interesting to note that it takes couples (not sure about individuals) an average of six years (SIX YEEEEEEARS) to get into the door from the time they start thinking/talking about getting into counseling. That's six years of time that we can't get back, as well as six years we could be getting out of poor communication habits and into ones that contribute to relationship health and longevity. Super interesting, isn't it?!