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I work with counseling students and beginner practice owners, like you.

You’ve busted your tail to earn your masters and to get into the counseling field. You should feel empowered and alive with clients busting down your door, but instead you feel terrified of starting your own private practice, unsure of what population you want to work with, and insecure about your depth of knowledge on how to get and keep clients.

You may be asking yourself, “Who am I to start a practice?” Or, “I don’t even know where to start!” The thought of diving headfirst into your own practice makes you a little dizzy with overwhelm, so instead you just say, “Someday…” with a wistful look in your eye...

Do you:

  • Want to be your own boss, but feel terrified of starting your own practice?
  • Want to feel confident as you move forward with launching a private practice?
  • Want to know the concrete step you can take to achieve your vision for your future business?
  • Feel completely overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information and "experts?"
  • Wish you knew what and who to ask on how to open your practice?

Humor me for just a second and imagine that you wake up tomorrow with a thriving private practice. Your only worry is whether or not you’ll have space for the incoming calls you’re going to receive for the week. You’re highly sought after and booked solid, and you just tingle with excitement at being your own boss, with your own caseload, in your own office. Life is good.

  • How would it feel to confidently approach launching your own private practice, rather than approaching it with shame and embarrassment?
  • What would it be like if you had meaningful connections and referral sources with other practitioners, instead of rivalry and a scarcity mindset?
  • How would it feel walking into your office, mind at ease, welcoming a day full of clients, and leaving that evening (or late afternoon!) feeling enriched and fulfilled?
  • What would you do with all the extra time and income your new practice affords you?
  • What will you do with the freedom that comes with establishing a thriving counseling practice!?!

Turn your dreams and visions of a thriving practice into YOUR reality today.

Don't wait another minute to learn what it takes.
It. Is. All. Within. Reach.

I'm not going to lie, creating a business is tough work and takes dedication. It's also takes a team of people to support you and your vision for the future. Let us jump-start your team by preparing you for the next step - your private practice launch. Let us connect you to others in your community who desire to see you succeed!

Ultimately, private practice is what you make it. But not unless you know the details of what it takes to launch and grow a successful private practice.

This is where the Private Practice Workshop can change your life.

It can take you from feeling overwhelmed and unsure to confident and thrilled to launch your own private practice.

This is what you can expect when you join us for the Private Practice Workshop.

  1. The Private Practice Workshop is a one-day, no-holds barred workshop and networking event, unlike any experience you’ve been to for counselors.
  2. The Workshop will take place on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018. We’ll spend 8 hours detailing the ins and outs of private practice, where you’ll receive specifics on starting, growing, and maintaining your own practice.
  3. You'll get direct insights from therapists during our live q&a  Practitioner Panel; where you can pick the brains of local therapists to hear success tips and tricks for running a successful practice.
  4. You’ll walk away from the presentation with information on advertising and marketing, website setup, finances and billing, supervision, office space, and your ideal client, plus more.
  5. We’ll close the night with a networking event, free refreshments, and cash bar! Meet local clinicians, supervisors, and organizations, and start to build your reputation and prowess in the area.

Give your stress levels a break from the incessant noise and fear about launching your own private practice, so that you can focus on what’s important in your life. Launch your private practice with confidence and clarity, so that you bring in clients who you want to work with and keep a steady caseload. Be empowered to be your own boss, so that you can have the freedom in life that you want!

We’ve done the heavy lifting so that you can learn quickly and start seamlessly.

When you sign up for the Private Practice Workshop, you’ll free up countless hours of studying to launch your private practice because it’s all consolidated here, for you! You’ll network with local professional to establish a sense of community and trust. You’ll feel confident excited and clear on how to move forward with setting up your practice and launching it asap!

If you’ve been overwhelmed, unsure, and confused about how to launch your private practice, sign up for the Private Practice Workshop today!

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